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Danielle Flom

Project Manager

Danielle brings the eye-in-the-sky perspective to the team and keeps our various projects rolling. Danielle is invaluable at KVG for her strengths in attention to detail, communication, time and task management, and project completion. 

 Danielle has family roots in South Dakota and now happily lives in Spearfish with her young son, two cats and a lively dog. Her guiding quote is “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future” (J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings), which reminds her that personal courage is the key to making a lasting positive impact on the world around us.


2022 - Present

Klein Visioneering Group

Project Manager

  • Coordinate and maintain team tracking in multidisciplinary consulting company setting

  • Input goals and track progress in project tracking system

  • Maintain client relationships

  • Complete tasks per contract goals by deadlines


Boys and Girls Club Black Hills

Program Director

  • Fulfilled duties in the areas of Leadership, Strategic Planning, Resource Management, and Marketing and Public Relations

  • Directed implementation of programs in an afterschool setting for kids K-12, with programming goals aimed towards offering engaging and meaningful activities

  • Administrative duties including staff time, staff reviews, maintaining accurate attendance and participant records using Trax Management

  • Supervisory responsibilities including scheduling, training staff, and taking care of any issues/concerns of staff as well as parents

  • Local and state grant applications and community fundraising events


Victims of Violence Intervention Program

  • Shelter Advocate (Feb. ’18- July ’19)

    • Coordinated maintenance and physical operation of shelter

    • Prepares and cleans rooms in preparation for new clients

    • Prepare facility for annual inspection

    • Inventories and manages shelter supplies and donations

    • Monitors agency vehicles for maintenance and safety needs

    • Provide advocacy services for clients

  • Victim Advocate/Community Advocate (July ’19-Nov ‘21)

    • Assist survivors of domestic/sexual violence in accessing services or supports they need in recovering from the violent incident

    • Assist clients in navigating criminal justice and court proceedings, including obtaining protection orders

    • Various other client-related services based on their individual needs

    • Assist with client management including client paperwork and file maintenance

    • Identify program needs and efficiency of delivery of services

    • Public speaking and community training events when requested by community agencies

    • Networking with service providers in the community (YFS, DSS, BMS, CASA) and participation in interagency meetings

    • Assist with fundraising events


Wellfully Inc

  • Youth Care Worker (Jan’15-June’15)

    • Responsible for shift work providing direct care to adolescents with behavioral and/or addiction issues in a residential setting

    • Responsible for the safety of clients as well as fellow staff members and the implementation of appropriate de-escalation measures in crisis situations

    • Responsible for shift documentation of behaviors exhibited by clients, activities, and other information

    • Responsible for leading groups with the clients using curriculum based in anger management, self-esteem, healthy communication, etc.

    • Developed rapport with clients through open and honest communication and respect for individuals

    • Became Safe Crisis Management certified in order to deescalate crisis situations, including the use of physical restraints if absolutely necessary

  • Team Leader (June’15-Dec’17)

    • Responsible for training direct care staff and maintaining training records as well as coordinating training opportunities with outside agencies

    • Responsible for directly supervising 20+ staff members on all shifts in two units, including filling schedule gaps and resolving interpersonal issues

    • Able to handle crisis situations involving staff or clients with an even perception and calm affect

    • Plans and executes weekly training meetings based on state regulation required training criteria as well as organizational needs

    • Wrote and implemented various procedures and policies for direct care staff 

    • Provides direct feedback based on staff performance and organizational expectations

    • Planned activities and schedules for clients, including special events, trips, and holidays

    • Organized and planned curriculum for groups for both units

    • Became Med-Aide Certified in order to safely and legally dispense prescribed medications and PRN meds to clients

    • Became Safe Crisis Management Instructor certified to train staff in de-escalation and the safe use of physical restraints

    • Assist with fundraising events

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